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Dove Studio Coloring Books



TRACY DOVE is an Arizona based artist from the desert city that rose from the ashes.

Her artwork is vibrant, strong in simple design, hippie dippy, playful and fun. Tracy’s art background is extensive. She was marinated in the arts since birth. Her work is collected worldwide, with an impressive list of collectors.

I am an Arizona based artist/painter, who was told to take typing so that I would have “something to fall back on” in the work force. I took one semester of typing in community college, dropped out, began painting and never looked back.

Like most artists, my life was sprinkled with many “straight jobs” and I found myself working in an array of positions to collect a regular paycheck that would support my art habit.

I have been a full time artist for many, many years now. The sixties and seventies counter cultures are apparent in my work, as well as, my love for the simple things in life. The colors, designs and lifestyles of the modern day Southwest have also played a large part in shaping who I am today. The low and high deserts of the region in which I live have been a constant inspiration, feeding my spirit and motivating me to capture the beauty and magic that I experience from living in and exploring the southwest.

My paintings have been shown in galleries, group and solo shows, and specialty boutiques across the United States. Collectors of my work span the globe.

October 2006, my world turned upside down when I underwent two life saving brain surgeries due to a brain hemorrhage. The medical situation left me with a permanent condition called bilateral nystagmus, a.k.a., “dancing eyes”, making it a huge challenge to create visual art. During the very lengthy recovery I began drawing simple designs with pen and ink and wrote positive affirmations for healing. Compiling the images and binding them together led to creating a wonderful Coloring Book for adults (also appropriate for children of ALL ages) called “I Am Healthy ~ I Am Well.”. What began as my own personal journey through recovery became a tool for others to heal through the process of coloring, as well as, adopting the words as positive mantras that heal. The demand for the coloring books became overwhelming and the feedback has all been positive.

As fate would have it, a beautiful, bohemian, hippie friend approached me to help me continue circulation of the books. Kendra Jones and I joined forces to create Dove Studio Coloring Books. Her marketing and sales skills, along with her incredible spirit, have kept this part of my creative journey more alive than ever, enabling me to continue to do what I love most…..create art. Since that time I have created a total of 10 Coloring Books for adults and “Free Spirits of All Ages”. All of them can be found on their own website at where they can be purchased.

Everyday I set my intentions with the rising of the sun and give thanks for the life that I have been given.